Trophy shots

This photo caught my eye last year. It was in a photo book from the 1924-1925 British Empire Exhibition, at Wembley. The photo caption unfortunately doesn’t offer any information about the exhibit. Are these men’s portraits “anthropological specimens” juxtaposed with the animal specimens mounted next to them? I think was from CO 1069/73, UK NationalContinue reading “Trophy shots”

Filthy Lucre

This snippet found in the Ghanaian national archives in Accra didn’t seem to warrant a full-blown research article, but I thought it was funny enough to transcribe. A medical officer in colonial Gold Coast wrote an article titled “Filthy Lucre” for the colony’s 1920 annual report (ADM 5/1/77, PRAAD-Accra). He wrote that “the native African isContinue reading “Filthy Lucre”


This website is under construction. I want it to serve two purposes: to share my published academic research with a wider audience, and to invite fellow historians and the public to engage with my in-progress work. I will be posting extracts from archives, notable quotes, data sets, and other materials in coming weeks. Stay tuned!